Help and Guidance Overview

There are many challenges, both emotional and financial, that you will need to deal with once a death has occurred. With our Helpful Guidance section, we can answer many of the questions that you may have about the actual process of the funeral, and other important details that you may not have considered, such as:

What to do in the event of a Family Emergency when a death has occurred. Who do you notify, and what do you do when children are involved? Family emergencies mean losing someone that you are very close to, which is why it is so important to have help in this difficult time.

Eulogies, and how they are written and selected. These are often the words that people will take with them long after the funeral has ended. What should the tone of the eulogy be, and will there be any research needed to complete it?

Funeral Etiquette, which includes information on how religious and military funerals are conducted. Many who attend a funeral have never done so before, so it can be a socially awkward experience without some knowledge on the proper etiquette for those in attendance.

Funeral terms, to provide a list of terms frequently used in the funeral industry.

Frequently Asked Questions from people who are often confronted with the entire funeral arrangement task, and from those who want to know more about what they can and should do once a loved one has passed away.

Information on Organ and Tissue Donations as dictated by the request of the deceased. Most people determine whether or not they will donate organs when they register for a license or ID card, but how is the process handled, and what are the considerations that should be taken?

Help with Writing an Obituary, as this is an important piece of social commentary that will help to commemorate a loved one.

Knowing the Signs of an Approaching Death so that you can prepare yourself. Although some deaths are sudden, not all come without notice. Periods of prolonged illness, or illness and injury in old age can precede death.

Legal Advice – What to Do Next

Yet another aspect of death will be the legal details surrounding the deceased’s assets, their debts and credit, and any important documentation that may be required before you can file for benefits. These include:

Notifying Creditors of the death. If the deceased had a mortgage or loan, or was otherwise involved in a business account through their own self-employment, these details will be necessary to sort through as soon as possible.

Contacting a bank to learn more about Accounts & Deposit Boxes, which may be inherited by surviving family members or those determined in a will. Banks may actually have their own procedures for how these matters will be handled post-death.

Probate details, which include the processes of transferring legal titles from one person to their beneficiaries.

Information About Wills, including how to write them properly. A last Will and Testament is often one of the more important pieces of documentation after a death, so it is a good idea to not only have one, but to revise it over periods of time to reflect your current will.

Do I Need a Lawyer? And other legal questions that you may have regarding the death of a loved one, as well as whether or not you will need a lawyer for your own estate when pre-arranging your funeral details.

Important Documents that will be needed after a death. For those who want to pre-arrange their own funeral, keeping these documents prepared and safe can make life much easier for beneficiaries.

The importance of Death Certificates and how to acquire them for the purposes of life insurance and probate procedures.

Executors of a will, and why they are important to choose wisely.

Community Information and More

Funerals are rarely isolated occasions; they can have an impact on an entire community, and likewise, may require the services of a community when the time comes. We offer links to several local community resources that will assist you with catering, flower arrangements, monument creation, and cemeteries for burial.

Finally, we also offer resources that can assist with grief counseling and other contact information that you may need to ease the burden of dealing with death. While we do our best to connect you with the right grief management services through our funeral home, everyone handles grief in their own way, so it is also a good idea to provide you with more information to contact the right groups.

We’ll be here to answer questions that you may have about the funeral itself as well, including any pre-arrangement plans that you may want to make. If you browse this web resource’s other categories, you will find a great deal of information on how to pre-arrange, and why it may be your best option.

We’re always doing our best to update and improve our Help and Guidance section, so if you have any questions or recommendations, or if you just want to add to our Frequently Asked Questions list, be sure to contact us so that we can better serve you.