About Lisovetsky Memorial Home

Lisovetsky Memorial Home is housed in a very symbolic location – it is located in the same building where New York’s first Jewish funeral home was founded more than 150 years ago. Lisovetsky Memorial Home is the first memorial home founded for the Russian-speaking community and is located in downtown Brooklyn. Alla Lisovetsky came to America from Nikolaev (Ukraine) in 1992. Fate decreed that in 1994 Alla came to work in the funeral business in New York, and in 2001, already having completed a degree in economics, she graduated from Nassau Community College and received a secondary degree and a diploma in mortuary science. This diploma, and successfully completing the qualifying exams, allowed Lisovetsky to become a licensed funeral director in 2003.

Since 1997, she actively participated in founding of another funeral home in New York and has climbed the ladder from being an ordinary employee to general manager. Already a licensed funeral director in 2003, she became the general manager of the funeral home, then working in this position for more than five years. Lisovetsky acquired knowledge, experience, and familiarity with the rituals of service in the various ethnic communities of New York, which prompted the idea of founding the memorial home of the Russian community.

Armed with motivation of creating a truly unique ethnic establishment, Alla founded Lisovetsky Memorial Home in 2008. Over the years Lisovetsky become an integral part of the community of immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  You can speak your native language in a difficult moment of losing loved ones, and be confident that you will be comfortably taken care of.




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